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Do you prefer 1969 or 1970 Mach1 and why?

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I appreciate all the replies to this question.  ;D Turned out better than I had hoped.

--- Quote from: Col on November 21, 2009, 04:50:23 AM ---Hi from Oz..I prefer `69 Mach. It has balls and looks mean standing still. The `70 isnt as aggressive looking but both are great looking muscle cars. Like their styling better than my `73 Mach...Don't see many over here (Newcastle, N.S.W. Australia)..Funny though when I bought mne it was for sale only 2 kilometres away! Meant to be!!!

--- End quote ---

Hi from Canada, EH!
2 km away yes, sure was meant to be.  If I'd only be so fortunate in locating a 1969 Mach 1 for sale so close to where I live! 
I've always wanted a vacation to Australia, my wife has a friend that lives there.

Please everyone post up a picture of your Mach, the year is not important.
The couple posted above where pure EYE CANDY.

Here is mine (original owner - lol 6 yrs) @ the Mustang 45th this past spring.

You've seen my 03 Mach.  It's in my sig pic. 

Hi all, Yes EH do yourself a favour and visit may never want to go back!!!! We are a friendly lot - know how to laugh at ourselves, and take the p#ss out of each other without taking offence. I'll put a photo up when the resto is complete, wish it was sooner than later. G'day from down under!

Yes EH, I lived in Sydney, Australia for a few years and I agree, if I ever go back, I would stay there for sure and I wish my parents never left. :(

Hi Thierry, My son (26old) leaves for canada to work in snow this coming Sunday! Will be at Panarama Mountain Resort. That place looks fantastic!! I told him to keep an eye out for Mustangs and bits. He wants to travel over there.  :-*Catch ya later.


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