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My old 68 which I recently got running again does not have very bright lights. All of the console lights, turn signals, and even the headlights seem to be dim. Would changing the voltage regulator help?

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Take some voltage readings on the battery before you start replacing parts. You should get about 11.5 to 12.5 volts on the battery without any power drain, no lights, not running. With the car in neutral, parking brake on and running around 2500 rpm without lights, you should get about 14 to 16 volts - this is your charging voltage. With the car running as before but with the lights on you should see about 12 to 14 volts. Two of the most common electrical problems on older cars are the battery ground to the engine block, and the ground strap from the engine to the firewall near the heater blower motor. Remove both ends of those two cables, clean them well and reinstall.

You're not going to get the bright lights on these old cars as you do with modern cars.  Cleaning all your ground straps may help though.  There is an article in the FAQ to improve the headlights brightness.  Check it out. 

  Some of these new cars with the bright lights I do not care for at all. Not sure what kind they are but they look more blue kinda and just does not look right to me. But I am old school. My first daughter was born the same year my 65 was. Sometimes I would like to go back to those years. (Sometimes) But would not care to go back to Nam. I just loved the 60's.

The new headlights are a result of an act of congress. All old style incandescent lights have been declared as "not green", so the new ones are blue (heh heh heh). Halogen is the most common type used in automobiles but that type draws more current than the old ones and older cars have a tendency to "pop" circuit breakers when they are installed. Halogen, by it's nature, emits more light in the blue end of the spectrum as it burns hotter. I've saved up a few older ones and just traded some stuff for a pair of Westinghouse lamps with Fomoco cast into the center of the lens.


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