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Have a 65 289 Mustang auto, been unused during the winter and just changed oil and filter and started up first time for the summer. Was running perfectly for about ten mins, no misfires of unevenness then all of a sudden just stopped running. Fuel getting to the carb ok but looks as tho there is a completed shut down on the ignition. Its a completly standard system, points and plugs look fine .any ideas please

Im not sure if its on an old model but the things I would look at would be neatral start switch. or a bad wire from battery to starter, or starter to ignition. Good luck and hope you post the solution when you find it.

There is a fusible link coming off of the starter relay/solenoid.  When it goes out most of the electrical system will lose power-no radio, door buzzer, ignition or lights.

IIRC the wire is yellow on most Fords, but if not, it will have a little rectangular rubber tag on it identifying it as a fusible link.  Sometimes you have to unwrap a few inches of the harness to see it.  You can simply pinch along the wire and you will find a soft rubbery spot where the wire inside has burnt out.  You can get a replacement fusible link at napa for 5-6 bucks.  Resist the urge to use a regular piece of wire, unless you fuse it for the right amperage, which I do not know of the top of my head (but 25 amps comes to mind for some reason)

Sudden electrical failures will almost always be found to be fusible links-but the question remains, what surge caused it to fail?  A common culprit is a starter solenoid going bad.  Also check all of your grounds and look for any shorts in the wiring running to the starter, If you have headers, they have been known to burn the wire to the starter and create a massive dead short that can literally burn the post off of a battery.

Rat Fink:
If it ran for 10 min. maybe the alternator or regulator are bad. The car would run 10 min on the charge in the battery.  try charging the battery and re firing the engine. If you get it running disconnect the positive cable on the battery, If it dies the alternator is not working.

Could be the battery went bad charge battery or take it to get checked for dead cells.


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