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Hey I finally got to a place where I could afford to purchase a 66 Fastback.  I spent 6 months trolling the net and thought I had found the right car.  I wanted to get one from the USA as thats the home of muscle cars.
Photos looked fantastic.....sales manager did the lines on me and assured me it was spectacular....even got them to furnish me with a written inspection report.
Man did I get the wool pulled over my eyes.  I have nobody to blame but myself if Im honest.  I live way down in New Zealand and the cost involved in flying up to purchase just added to my budget that was already stretched....  Although they are very common in USA...a 66 fastback is a sought after and expensive item down here. 
I have spent 5K so far and the vehicle is still not road worthy.  From transmission lines leaking to persished brake lines to a handbrake not even attached.  Then there is the VERY RECENT cover up of a smack in the back...recent I now know as the panelbeater down here assured me the paint was still wet.  Its not a massive smack but threw the rest of the cars alighment out.  Im not a panelbeater or mechanic....just a guy trying to fulfil a dream.  I paid for a car that I was told was ready to drive and nothing to do.
I guess Daniel Schmidt & Co got the last laugh...they got their money and they know I cant go them for the stuff they hid from me.  But at the end of the day they lose as I have been asked by so many people where I got it and I tell them DONT GO THERE.  A boyhood dream that has got a little pear shaped.  I wont give up on the car....I will get it sorted...but instead of enjoying it this summer it may be next summer.  Just so disappointing.

Hello, very bad story  :o  but very beautiful the fastback 1966 !
good luck  ;)

Those don't sound like real serious problems to repair.  Just take one project at a time.  That '66 fastback will be worth a whole lot in the future. 


Thanks to you who replied or left a note.  Yes I do understand they are not big things on their own...but all together they create one big thing.  And when you have small kids and a budget its a hassle.  I guess to me it put such a dampner on a life long dream.
I still love the car and its a keeper once I get it sorted.

These projects take a long time and money you have to save up to complete the projects.  Just figure out which project is next in line with the money you have saved up.  It took me almost 20 years to get my old 65 coupe right.  Hang brother.


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