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Crystal or James:
The one thing I would love to do with my car is ride in a groug with other mustangs.  I know that mustang cruises exsist I've just never been apart of one or even seen a heard of ponys cruising down the road.  And like when I'm on the road and I happen to come up on a mustang they never want to ride with me.  It must be a pony thing to want to ride off and leave another.  Wich one's the fastest I guess?  Racing to me really isn't that fun unless you start from a stop. So all you mustangers out there, RIDE WITH ME!!!!!!  (cause I already know I can run off and leave ya!!!!!)   Hehehehehe!!! :-D

Crystal or James:
Okay here's the thing.  I've alway's wanted a mustang and I've alway's wanted to paint it. PINK!! Like a Barbi car!! Not a soft pink but a deep dark pink.  I want it to stand out from other stangs.  I travel alot with work and have seen two pink mustangs.  I really like it.  My hubby said we could do that but not until I get a beefed up motor in it.  "No pussy pink with a pussy engine" he said.  Well, I've got the engine now and now I'm not sure if pink is what I want.  I have a picture of a car the same year as mine with the body kit I want on it that I put in the paint program and painted it.  It looks really good.  It's on my hard drive that I don't have with me right now but by the end of the day I'll have it on here so I can get opinions.  What do you think?  Pink or no?

I would do a two tone in High Impact panther pink its a dodge color. or pink mach I style stripes on a black back ground here is a pic of  panther pink , its a darker shade of pink that really looks good
but a two tone would be my choice black paint with pink sripes. man that would look good. Dont worry its good to be diffent esp with a stroker motor. When I get mt 73 stang done we should line up a drag strip . buy thw way Im putting a 550 hp 429 thunderjet in mine HE HEH HE HAA HAA HA sorry had to do the evil laugh

Jerry Baker:
Sometimes car look good in pink and that Cuda is one of them.  Crystal I would like to see the photo you have of the one you want.

You want to do things like this

Crystal or James:
This car was red as an advertisment for the stalker body kit, also somthing I would LOVE on my car.  I cut and copyed the photo onto the computer's paint program and Voila!!!  She's pink!!  What do you think, you like it?


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