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Pink is a great color for a girl's Mustang and the best solution to keep your husband away from the drivers seat  :lol:
Here is another picture of a pink Mustang.

My first car was a 1963 VW beatle and I was then a member of a classic VW club. Every summers it was a pleasure to meet hundreds other owners and drive all together on the highway to various VW shows.
Of course the 44 hp four cylinder has nothing to do with the pleasure of driving a V6 or V8 Mustang but cruising with hundreds of cars like yours is something you have to do.

Jerry Baker:
Man she is a a good looking girl,  Oh wait we were talking about what I seem to have lost my train of thought.  LOL

No thiery is right the hubby wont drive it much.   I think the car would look good with all the ground effect and the color crystal.

PINK ?? WHAT ARE YOU THINKING ??? I 'll bet hubby will drive it  :-o  . Do you have any idea how hard it would be to sell? Just kidding,, it's you're car make it that, what YOU like.That's what live is  about.   And  about crusin, bring it to Iowa, i'll cruse with ya, if you can keep up.

man a mustang cruse would be awesome i love watching bikers in a huge group out on a ride we all meed to hook up and do a state to state cruse that would be AWESOME and watch  the heads turn and look at all of us as we drive by in stead of turning our heads and watching harleys drive bye hehehe im game lets set one up


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