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1984 carburetor help


will this 600 Holley 0-80457 high-performance carburetor work good with a 1984 302 mustang not really sure thanks Eric

First question.  Did that 84 originally come with a EFI set-up?  If so, does it now currently have a carburetor on it?  If so, then without some pretty serious upgrades, the 600 CFM carb is too much for that 302.  If it is currently an EFI computer controlled system, then you need to do some fairly serious alterations.
The '83-early '85 EFI cars have 2 fuel pumps... A frame mounted high PSI unit, and a 6 PSI in-tank pump. If you remove the frame pump, and replace it with a chunk of rubber fuel line, you will have the right set-up for a carb, plus have the room to convert to the '86-up true dual exhaust.
As far as the rest goes, you will need a carb syle Duraspark distributer and ignition box, which you can rob from any '74-'84 carbed' 302. ('85 Carbed Mustang dizzy's have a steel gear for the roller cam, which you can't use)
You can also ditch the EEC and all the EFI related wiring.

the motor is all ready set up for a carb and the car is set up for a carb to. do you have and suggestions of what kind of carb to use? stock bottom end motor around 480 lift cam and stock valves thanks

What intake manifold do you have on there?  If it is a 2V, then a Motorcraft 2100 is your best bet for a carb.  If it is a 4V, then the 4100 Motorcraft carb is your best bet.  The 4100 is about 480 cfm so well within the range for a good carb for that basically stock engine. 


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