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Car transporter info WTD to move car from Chicagoland to LA.

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My first post here. I need to get a classic from Chicago area to LA.

Does anyone know (from experience is preferred) a good car transporter in the that can take a car from Chicago to LA?

Do not recommend DAS please as I've heard that they are cr@p from multiple sources.

Needs to be quick, reliable and provide covered transport. A reasonable price is a bonus.


I'm sorry, but I sure don't know of one that I would recommend.  Why don't you just drive it yourself?  That would be a real kick  in the butt trip if you have the time, and a hellava lot cheaper. 
Oh, and welcome to the site. 

Welcome to the site GTlegs. You can try from Ebay. You submit your request and transporters will contact you with their offers. I never tried their service but it could be interesting.

I've used 3 car transporters for my personal cars before.  I also sold my old red Mustang that went on another 4th.  My 3 vehicles have been all carried and brought to me in ENCLOSED car haulers.  They aren't much more than big race car trailers that hold 2 cars.  Springfield MO is the exoticar/limosine capital of the US (maybe world) as we have several exoticar sales and limisone manufacturers here.  I live just outside Spfd, MO so carriers are always looking to fill their trailers.  All 3 times have been very professional and safe (they are used to hauling Lambos & Ferraris) in very short turnaround (1 week) and driveway service.  I can get these carriers for the same price as most open carriers.

My red Mustang was sold to an Australian who used a open car hauler, that was Russian and could barely speak English.  I had to drive my car several miles away, had language difficulties, and he really didn't care much about my car...just how many rock chips it had and marks every single flea bite as a chip/scratch.  I didn't pay for the open car service, the buyer did. 

It used to cost $800 from east coast to central US, but now its more like $1100.  West coast might be 1-200 higher.  If that's what you are expecting, and want a closed car carrier let me know.  Chicago might be different too adding some extra $.

The car turned out to be in Peoria Arizona, not Peoria Illinois as I first thought, so the transport should be much cheaper.

Maybe you can PM me the details of those three carriers you used and which on was better? Thanks


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