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Just a warning that has become more frequent on Ebay,  Auto Trader, and other sites and that is the scammer who is posting other peoples car photos and listing the car with a great Buy-it-now price.  The sellers so far are from northern midwest states (MN, WI, MI) and want you to send money via wires to their temp bank account in CANADA.  They also post phone #s with no answering machine, never answer or busy signals (no phone contact).  Always call first and if you don't get any machine or message, that is your first warning.   I've even seen the local freebie papers with scammer cars listed.

Its that same old phrase, "If its too good to be true, it is" and its happening a lot more often.  BE CAREFUL!!! 

thanks for the tip..

If it sounds to good to be true it is. Always buy or sell cars at banks. Make sure all funds are valid and clear with paper work done at the bank so you dont get ripped off. There are people who manufacture bank checks so you need to make sure any cashiers check you get clears your bank before you sign over a title or give them the car. The world is full of crooks these days..


--- Quote from: jethat on June 23, 2009, 05:36:42 PM ---.... The world is full of crooks these days..

--- End quote ---
Boy you hate to be negative about it, but it really is! :(

There probably are a few good deals out there to be had, but for the most part the scammers are taking over and have us gunshy.  Craigslist even has them...anyone seen the Kubota tractor w/front end loader for $5,600 lately?

Ah, the good ole days.... ::)


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