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I going to check out tomorrow a 65 mustang coupe that has been in a garage for 20 years.It has a 289 4v engine according to the pink slip vin.The lady that owns it is 84 years old.I want to make her a fair offer but i don't know what that would be.what kind of problems should i take into consideration with a car thats been stored so long and the approx. costs associated to correct problems.she said she drove it into the garage.when she parked it.

Jerry Baker:
Find out if she has started it in the last 20 years?  If no then I would say most if not all your seals could be shot, motor and out side rubber.  But then you never know.   Brakes my not be in the best working order and all your fluids.  things like that.  if she has it covered over look at the bottom of the car for rust .  

But a fair price depends on the shape of the car fastback or coupe.  look around your area at books and so on and see what they are going for and go from that.

Let us know if you get it and post some photos.

Yeah if it has been stored for that loong you might want to see if anything like mice have gotten in the interior and chewed on it, sometimes when they are left setting in the same place for so long it happens. I would ask her what she wants for it and then go from there the body parts for that car are cheap so fixing what she wrinkled won't cost much. I would check the oil to see how dark it is and I wouldn't start it jsut incase. HOOK us up with some pics. STANG OUT.

PS I also knoe about a real good mustang car club names Mustang Mafia which I think you would like and this site is loaded with info and the same about the one you are on know check it out.

Sounds like almost the same thing that happened to me.

I found a 1967 GTA Fastback (S) code, in a garage, that a 84 year old lady drove into 16 years ago and never again touched it. Brought it home and have slowly been going over it. Has light rust from moisture but over all in good shape for a 40year old car. For yours If it is in good shape I would try to pay less then the lowest NADA price.

Good luck :-)

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