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Car has sat for 12 years....

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I plan on replacing the brake fluid out of the master cylinder, but what about the lines.  Should they all be bled also? Or will that bit of older fluid be okay?

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Bleed the brakes at all 4 corners to flush the brake system.  I expect you will get leaks from the seals drying at the master and any of the wheel cylinders if the car sat for 12 years.  Keep an eye on the master cylinder levels when you do start to drive it. 

Good luck with a very fun to drive car.

Thanks for the advice.   

brake fluid, except for the silicone Dot 5 stuff, absorb water, most likely it has been awhile since the fluid has been changed. empty the master then fill it up from a new unopened can, bleed the system to get all the old out. You may still have problems, but this is the most effective, least expensive way to start.. Good luck, and enjoy the ride

Thanks.  When you say that I still may have problems, what are you referring to?


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