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Hey i have a 85 mustang gt and i have 2 flowmasters underneath her and i was wondering if cops can pull me over for my mustang just being too loud because i was rolling by a dodge dakota in first gear not even stepping on it and i set off the guys truck alarm...and that got me thinking that if its too loud i could get a ticket cause i know in california that if you play your music too loud past ten you can get a ticket....

Yes . . .  and I am a lawyer so I must be right LOL

They can, but if you have a complete intact exhaust system, they are unlikely to unless you have done something else to upset them.

Like driving thru the Mercedes dealership with 3" exhaust cut outs open setting the entire inventory's alarms off.  Not saying I've done it, but the thought has crossed my mind.

you really a lawyer jeff? or did you just stay at a holiday inn last night?

if they have a state law or ordinance then like stated above you ould be pulled over and cited...but if i was you and had received a ticket i would demand the police officers training records for using a decibel meter(and they probably wont use one....)

here in GA where im at you can get away with pretty much anything...ive driven around with open headers.

we have no law for motorcycle exhaust though :)

Yes I am, but in Tennessee, so the standards aren't too high! LOL

Hahah what do you specialize in? Id like to go to law school...Im gonna try and get either my associates in nursing and move to Cali and go to law school(you do 4 years with an associates) or get my bachelors in nursing and then do 3 years here preferably at UGA for law...


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