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Can anyone tell me how to trace a 66 back to original owner?


I am trying to find out how to go about tracing a car back to its origin, I have been able to learn its production info, but I would like to know info like order date, delivery date, and dealership info. I have a particular interested in the '66, and cant find much information!
Does anyone suggest or lead me to any particular place to find such out?

You might be able to run a carfax on it with the VIN number.  But I'm not sure.  I ran my car before I sold it and it told me when they bought it.  I'm not sure though.

Carfax doesn't have any record for cars made before 1980 and I don't think you will find any information about your Mustang other than what the VIN gives you.

Let me try to get in touch with a friend of ours that deals mainly in the older mustangs.  He might be able to tell me how to go about finding out who the original owner was.

calypso coral:
First thing you should do is make copy of your title you got (hopefully) from previous owner and see who owner pevious to him was.


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