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California Specials - HOT or COLD or ???


I have a line on a red '68 California Special.  I don't know too much about it other than its for sale, it is also owned by an elderly gentleman that has a couple other older stangs.  I believe its in excellent shape with all markings etc. in restored condition but still very nice.
Are they in demand?  I know options (eng., trans, etc.) will play a big part of desirability, and I know '67-68 fastbacks are HOT, but if anyone has some value ranges for them I'd appreciate some info.  The CS were only coupes so if they are like '65 66 coupes in value then they aren't very desirable.

Well, NEVER MIND.  They are Cold.  I couldn't find much pricing and only one on ebay current auctions.  But then I went to Completed Auctions and there were several most not bringing any big monies.  18K for a real nice red one.  The car that is for sale locally was 20K.  So I guess the '67-8 coupes are about like '65-6 coupes even with the special pkg.

Apparently they are a pretty rare pony.  This article says only 4,000 made in 68, so that would make a survivor pretty rare.  This is a pretty good article to read just to see what Mustang loaded onto them so they could move more Mustangs in California in '68.


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