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Calais to Reims Saturday 29th March 2010


HI All,
At least the confirmed itinary.
Arrive Calais Saturday 20th March at 10:30am
Drive to the Canadian Memorial at Vimy park in the Musee Car park at 12 noon
Leave Vimy at 1:30 and drive to Denain Mustang Bar
Arrive Denain Mustang Bar at 2:30
Leave Bar and drive to Chateau Ermenonville  for 5:30
11:00 Reims old F1 Race track
12 Reims Motor Museum
Lunch in Reims
Leave Reims at 2pm
Arrive Calais 5pm

If anyone would like to join us at any of the stopping poiunts or join the convoy along the way that will be fantastic

See you in 9 days



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