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Hi all, i'm the webmaster of ; we ( Mustang Passion Belgium & Musrtang Passion Nord Pas de Calais ) will be very please if we can do something with you during your trip in nord of france. Why don"t we create a meeting point somewhere on your journey? Did you have a date & a planified road of your trip ?

May be we can meet each other, in "Denain", we have a Mustang Room & Bar and a great parking lot there .. ( see it in google map :,+france&sll=50.321903,4.388058&sspn=0.121876,0.363579&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Denain,+Nord,+Nord-Pas+de+Calais,+France&ll=50.323409,3.41103&spn=0.003809,0.011362&t=h&z=17 )

Hi Ladybird and welcome to the forum.
We have all kind of members from France in the French section and if you are welcome to register in that section and post in English or I can be the messenger between you and them.
I already posted a message about it and you can see it here. ;)

Someone from Calais with a 68 Calfornia Special is interested to join you. Can you tell me if you are crossing with a ferry or the tunnel and what time you plan to arrive in Calais?

I wish I was back in Europe and was able to meet all these wonderful people. 


First reply for me on this forum... Sorry for my poor English

I've made a quick answer on another Forum :

The best way to reach Soissons :
From Calais to Amiens with A16
From Amiens to Peronne (Museum of the Great War)
From Peronne to Soissons by Saint Quentin

This Region is well deserved by 2 Motorway (A16, A29) and a quick link to A1 (LILLE - PARIS) by ROYE

It depends on what you want to see and do in north of France.

I will be happy to meet you with my 66' Mustang

A few websites :


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