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Buying a new mustang - A few questions

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I previously owned a 1998 Z28 LS1 5.7 Liter V8, which I have owned now for 10 years.

I am now ready to buy a mustang since I will be giving a family member my Z28 as a graduation present when they visit next week. I expect to have my new mustang in the garage by monday which is when I will be handing the keys to my old vehicle to another family member.

I have been out of the loop for awhile, when it comes to buying new vehicles on the market. I used to read all kinds of
magazines on cars, but I haven't in a long time since I bought my Z28.

I like the look of a 2008 mustang, but I am not sure which one I should get: so my question to you is....
If you could get any mustang which would you get?

-Mustang GT modified with a cervini C5 body kit and finally a wicked sounding bassani X-Pipe exhaust
-Shelby GT500 modified with a cervini ram air hood and cervini C5 body kit and finally a wicked sounding bassani X-Pipe exhaust
-Roush Stage 3 with wicked sounding Bassani X-Pipe
-Roush 427R with Bassani X-Pipe
-Roush Blackjack

You can hear the bassani exhaust here:
Oh, yeah listen to that! :)

I'm not a fan of stripes and decals so the first thing I would do is buy a black 427R, and have the white decals and stripes removed from the hood and doors. Tint the windows black and put a bassani sticker on the rear window.

Which is better a stage 3 or a 427R?
I keep my vehicles alot longer than most people do, so I need to choose wisely on which mustang I get.
I need help by seeing which one most people would prefer to buy.

Please also be advised that I need an answer quick as I am visiting a roush dealer today!

That's like asking if you prefer vanilla or chocolate ice cream.  If you want to keep that Mustang for a long time and get some money for it after 10 years or so, then the Shelby 500 would be your choice, but IMO it's not worth the 40 grand price.   Taking off the stripes can be done, but why? 


--- Quote ---the Shelby 500 would be your choice, but IMO it's not worth the 40 grand price.
--- End quote ---

Would you say the roush's are worth their value?

--- Quote ---Taking off the stripes can be done, but why?

--- End quote ---

This looks very nice: Stage 3

And this was what got me looking at roush in the first place: Blackjack

I put a red box around what I don't like about the 427R. Its something I would have to remove.
Double click the image to see the red box

I guess I would keep the single stripe on the hood, but the other thing would have to go.

Yeah, that 427 stripe on the side looks cheesey.  That's like advertising.  We old Mustangers like to hide our power with a plain Jane looking body.  I like my 03 Mach1 with the single black stripe down the hood but nothing more, and I prefer nothing on my 65 except the original color of paint with no stripes. 

 Yes, it's hard to tell you what Mustang would be the best for you but the Shelby GT500 would certainly be the best investment if you plan to sell it in 10 years.
 Is it worth its price? Certainly not but. With all the aftermarket parts available you can build a better car that will fit your needs for cheaper but with a Shelby, you will drive a car with a legendary name. It's also the only one that will keep it's current value if not more down the road. If you can afford a Shelby GT500, go for it  :D


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