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Buying a new mustang - A few questions

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Whats important: The best handling and performance
-Roush Stage 3 Mustang (Dealer has tons of these)
-Roush 427R or 428R Mustang (Dealer has each of these on the lot)
-Roush Blackjack (dealer has one of these on the lot)
-Roush P-51A 510HP and 510 Torque Mustang (Two on the lot)

I am not sure which of these performs the best overall. I cannot find a single review of P-51A anywhere on the net, but its been out since 2007 according to web information.

Then of course there is always option five:
Regular old Mustang GT Black modded out to match performance of all the cars above.

Whats not important: Someones custom signature anywhere on the car

The only reason I was looking at roush and shelby at first was because their overall performance is higher.
I also found out that alot of insurance companies will not insure a roush  :o.

I read somewhere that the Shelby is ford built, but it isn't actually designed by SHELBY. It only carries carol shelby's name for advertising purposes which means nothing to me. Resale value isn't something I am worried about.

I just want to get the best Mustang that has great handling and performance. I doubt I'll mod it out until years later which is why I want it to perform well at stock. Which is why I am looking at buying a high performance mustang!

I just do not know which one handles and performs the best overall.

The proof is in the pudding.  Test drive all of them and then decide for yourself which one performs the best.  I'll bet they all will put a smile on your face.   ;D

well it worth whatever you will pay for it. i think out of all of them id go for the shelby just for nostalgia.


--- Quote ---We old Mustangers like to hide our power with a plain Jane looking body
--- End quote ---
As you can see above the plain jane blackjack is what caught my eye first, but I really like the
stage 3 striped so I am going with that only.

What made me choose the P-51A is the fact its more setup for the TVS2300 supercharger than say a stage 3 or 427.
The engine in a P-51A has been tweaked alot more than a 427R.

My Unique Mustang
Its a unique remake because nobodyelse has it, so its perfect and I love the appearance.  ;D
-Roush P-51A 510HP and 510 Foot Lbs of Torque

First I will make the P-51A look exactly like this:

That gunmetal grey and green just doesn't work for me. The badges will also be replaced to look like a normal stage 3, but I am keeping the back badge on the rear bumper area that says P51.
The 510HP writing will be replaced with 700HP writing thats on the hood. The roushcharger and text around the hood will also need to be replaced once it goes black.

Now for the specific mods I am adding:
#1 - TVS2300 Supercharger (Brings the vehicle to 700HP and 510 Torque)
#2 - Roush 427R Trakpak Spoiler installed (Isn't this one sweet looking spoiler

#3 - Window Tinting (5% rear, 20% driver/passenger)
#4 - Blue tint fog lights and PIAA 9000KM Headlights

Unique to any other roush out there

I am keeping the stock exhaust since the bassani wouldn't sound right at all with a supercharger whine.


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