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Hi there! I wanna show you maybe the best conversion kit for Ford Mustang,it is no a chinese kit,everything is made in Italy!!I will show u later the pictures of my car(even if it's not a Mustang)with a kit like this one,I used it even in a track and it is fantastic. Now I am living in Usa, I saw that everyone here prefer esterior kit or big wheels instead of the safetly of the car,for example braking,shock absorber,bars stabilizer and many more...why that?because in Italy for example is really difficult to put bigger wheels,bigger tyres...sometimes it,s forbidden,but I knew that here in Usa it's easier. :)

This is the kit:

As the name suggests these kits are big! Starting from 340mm up to 400mm with a range of calipers from the B34GT 10 up to the absolutely astonishing B400RT-16, visually beautiful and with stopping performance to match they are the perfect choice for all performance cars fitted with at least 18″ wheels. With tailored pistons although large these calipers always retain excellent O.E pedal feel.
TAROX offer a variety of calipers to suit various applications and customer requirements. In order to choose the most appropriate specification calipers for each brake conversion kit TAROX adhere to the following guidelines

Piston Number

In principle the more the better, the benefit in having multi pistons can be summed up as follows:

Perpendicularly distributed pressure on the pads, resulting in more even wear of the brake pad

Smaller pistons compared to those used on traditional calipers work perfectly parallel to the piston chambers, thus avoiding wear and loss of brake fluid

Increased cooling action of the pads, due to more airflow behind the pads back plate

Less stress factor on the caliper itself

More clamping action resulting in more braking power due to the presence of more pistons

Firmer pedal
Car Brand   Ford
Car Model   Mustang GT
Year of production   2005
F/A   Yes
R/P   No
Disc size   370X30
Wheel   18"
Caliper   B360-10
Manufacturing   Handmade in 15 Days

If u need more information simply ask me,maybe I will have a discount in this kit if some of u are interested,later I am gonna show u my the end...I love Mustang...:)



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