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Blown head gasket, does anything else need replaced?


My 91 mustang gt 5.0 has a blown head gasket, I am gonna change it out myself with a little help. before i did so I was wondering if there is anything else(gaskets, bolt, ext...) that will need or should be replaced while i have it apart?

Also if I were to go with upgrading the heads to "turbo swirl gt40 heads" it says i would need to upgrade the intake manifolds, headers, and valve covers, is that all? I recently installed some BBK shorty headers, would they be a good match? What manifold should I go with and

Thanks, Wes

Did you end up replacing any other parts while you had it taken apart?  Man, I've replaced head gaskets on every 90's ford I've ever touched!   ::)

Take head to machine shop check to see if the heads are warped also check block when you pull them as well. I'm sure you probably know some dont so I let everyone know change both head gaskets not just one side

I think with those head it maybe the gt 40p heads not sure but one of them has to have a certain type of header as the plug angle is different


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