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Don't get caught up in the boss or HP, just over all choice. STANG OUT

That's not a fair question. The 289, 302 and 351W are basically the same engine. They evolved from a 221 with a 260 in between. There are some differences as in 5 bolt and 6 bolt to the transmission in the 289, but that is part of the evolution process. The 4.6 L is a modern block that evolved into a 5.4 L. I got a 5.4 L in my van and I like it, and it makes a great Mustang engine. As to an engine series, there are several to consider, the FE blocks, the light weight cast iron blocks, the new overhead cam engines, etc. The key is what the engine was designed to do, modified to do, how it evolved and ultimately, it's reliability.

Yeah I know but there are people that jsut liek a certain motor. Like I like the 351C but I have always been a fan of the 302. Please don't read to much into it,lol. If anyone wants me to add a motor let me know and I will, these are just the ones that stick out too me. STANG OUT

The 289 and the 302 are the same engine.  They are not muscle car engines, but pony car engines.   The 351 series engines started the muscle car wave.  So, to ask which engine you prefer is like asking if you like chocolate or vanilla.

well I like vanillla, lol.


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