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so while i was at work today some one came in and asked if any one owned the white mustang parked out from and when i stood up and told them i did they told me that some body just backed into my car and drove away >:( so i guess ill be visiting the body shop along with the performance shop

Hit and run, huh?  How much damage was caused? 

at first glance i was like oh that isn't to bad but after further inspection in my garage it looks like some one backed into my front bumper just below my driver side head light. when they did that they snapped the mounts off of my bumper that attach it to my front fender. so i am not sure if it can be like jerry rigged or if ill just need a whole new bumper. :-\

If the bumper isn't damaged you won't have to replace it, but the bumper guard, stone guard and rails (braces)will probably have to be replaced. 

Sorry to hear that...I would have flipped out on somebody if they backed into my car.


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