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Auto Factoids – 1970 Mustang – Ford Assembly Line


Auto Factoids – 1970 Mustang – Ford Assembly Line

December 1, 2010

Today is the anniversary of the assembly line created by Henry Ford, did he?

Like saying night is day or Pink Floyd isn’t the greatest rock band of all time, saying Henry Ford didn’t invent the assembly line goes contrary to conventional auto wisdom. But he didn’t. It was actually Ransom E. Olds.

I love engines and the options for a 1970 Mustang – like mine, were many.


My Mustang's Enhanced 302

The sixes consisted of the 200  (120 hp) and the 250  (155hp) -  mine started out as a 250


The eights consisted of  2 302 (2V and the 4V Boss), 2 351 (250 and 30o hp), 2- 428 (Cobra – 335 hp and Cobra Jet Ram-Air – 335 hp and the 429 Boss – 375 hp.

The transmission offered were – 3 speed manual Fully synchronized (currently the trans in my car), 4 speed manual sports-type w/Hurst Shifter and in the automatic the Select Shift Cruise-o-Matic Drive (more on that in another Auto Factoid.

Thanks for reading.



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