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Anyone know what the metal strips with wires on outside on sides of windscreens?


Hi i have a mustang cobra 1998,its a japenese,left hand drive,fantastic car never had any problems with it,ive never neeeded to consult the manual for anything which is a good  thing,as my manual is all japenese.But ive always wondered despite being a mechanic myself what the four metal strips that go down the side end of the both the front and back windscreens,they all have wires attached to them that lead somewhere? any one have any idea as to what they are and what they do? reguards Julian

Without seeing a picture  this is a total guess. Could it be a electric window defrost of some kind or radio antenna?

Most likely the front windshield wires is a  radio antenna.  Do you have a radio aerial on the fender?  If not, then that is probably what that is for.  On the back window, like Blackshadow stated, that is most likely your back window defroster.  Are the buttons on the dash in Japanese?  If so, you may want to take a crash course in reading Japanese.   ;D  I lived in Japan for several years and never did learn to read the hen scratching.  I also drove on the wrong side of the road, and the steering wheel was on the passenger side.  It took some getting used to, but after a few months it all made sense.  That is probably a very rare Mustang. 

Thanx for all replys,its still baffles me,maybe it is for heat? i have a separate antenna so i ruled raido signal out i will take sum pics later and post on.cheers Julian.


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