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Antifreeze/Coolants Used In The Tropics

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 I guess you are right too MPG. Glycol forms acid when in contact with air but it would only happen if the cooling system is not pressurized and sealed.   There is ways to check the level of acidity and some additives can prevent it from happening.
 The glycol in the antifreeze provides not only freeze protection but also boil-over protection.
It's for heavy duty engines but it certainly applies to all engines.

Edit: Who started the poll above? I hope no one will select the transmission fluid as an answer  ;D

Back at you..... will tell you I have seen damage in many systems new and old and most
have damage in the cooling system. Including the water pumps and radiators. I have been told by several Tech's that most are cuased by the antifreeze in all combinations and others by the lack of some product.  Many racers use water for the race only then drain it. Others use water with some other oil etc.

I know these systems are sealed but there is something wrong with this picture.

Some body out there has the key to the right fix.

Well, the "other oil" sure isn't transmission fluid.  ;D ;D ;D You may be possibly talking about water wetter, a product you add to the cooling system.  It certainly works for my 65 289 system.  Try it.


--- Quote ---Many racers use water for the race only then drain it. Others use water with some other oil etc.
--- End quote ---

 You didn't mention it was for race cars. If it's drained and cleaned after each race, I guess you can use the best mixture that will keep the engine cool but for a daily driver I wouldn't fill it with water or oil.

Thanks...I have heard of the Redline Wetter.....seems to be used around these parts.

How about No-Rosion?  A cooling system corrosion inhibitor that as well can be used with
only water in non freezing temps. We are testing their Hyerkhul product.


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