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An A code engine in an 1964 1/2

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Oddities sometimes abound.  I used to have a friend that had a concours 1965 "K" code GT.  His car was factory correct with the standard exhaust manifolds on his HiPo.  Seems the line was out of the HiPo manifolds the day his was being assembled.  Ford would not hold the line for such a detail and his engine was assembled with the standard manifolds.  Now I never knew how he proved this, build sheets maybe.

Hi GeorgisSnake, thank you for your response. I can imagine a manifold being swapped when out of stock. But a whole different type of engine? Well it could be  ;D that's the whole fun. Do any of you guys know whhat can be wrong with my window sprayer. It is the stock one and doesn't squirt any water anymore. Any known problems? looking forward hearing from you. Have a good one!

Does the pump run?  Sometimes the nozzle will clog.  Try some light air pressure.  also introduce some rubbing alcohol solution as a solvent.

Hi GeorgiaSnake, it makes noise. So it's not dead. But I will definitely try your suggestions! thanks a lot it's appreciated.


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