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An A code engine in an 1964 1/2

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Dear All,

Can somebody help me with the following. I have a 64 1/2 (dating back to 6-1964 first admission) with VIN code 5R07A133839.
I thought that they A code engine was introduces with the 1965 mustang. Can somebody clearify this for me?

Thank you!



According to the database information (please see, the San Jose plant started producing the "A" code models somewhere around August of 1964.  The first "A" code VIN shown in the database, which does not show all VINs, is 5R07A125310.  This was about 8,529 cars before yours was built.

Your door dataplate should tell you what month yours was built but the database suggests it should have been either late August or early September of 1964

thanks for the info mine was build september 64 :) which makes the date of admissiion a little bit strange :) But he if it is a 1964 mustang you don't hear me complain. I hope it concerns here a matching numbers car. Then it proves to me that it is all original.

I don't know if you're aware but for an early non-Shelby Mustang there is no such thing as "numbers matching" (at least not in the sense that the engine has the vehicle VIN stamped on it).  The best you can do is confirm that all the casting numbers match the date of manufacture.  The engine casting number is near the starter on the block, the head casting numbers are on the underside of the heads, and the bellhousing and transmission casting numbers should be on the sides of those units.

This website is a good place to look up the numbers as you find them:

Good luck!

Thank you! :)


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