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alternator issues on a 1965

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Hi there...I have a 1965 Hardtop Mustang. Here's the issue...the battery keeps draining! The alternator was replaced and so was the starter sylenoid (sp?) and yet every battery put in drains immediately. When a new battery is installed, the car starts and drives fine. The next day the battery is once again dead and I've tried various brands to rule that out. I then installed a new fuse regulator and I am still having the same problem. Do I yank the alternator again to have it tested, or is there something else that would cause this? I'm at my wits end w/ this.

Thanks for reading.  :)

Did you replace the Voltage Regulator when you replaced the alternator?  Try taking off the positive cable at night and hook it back up in the morning and see what you have. 

katsin: I did not replace the fuse regulator at the same time. Because there was an issue with the battery daining the shop said I should replace the fuse regulator. I'm thinking the rebuilt alternator just installed is bad. Am I removing the positive cable from the battery?

Thank you :-)

Yes....remove the positive cable at the battery at night to see if you have a dead cell.  I would even take the battery to a car parts place to have them check it. 

I will do so. Thank you. BTW...this is the 4th battery it's killed!


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