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Alright I am ready


Hello to all mustang fans My name is Russ and I am tried of getting on here and not  seeing anything new. Hello to all my buds on here and to all the newbies that just joined I hope you find this site helpful. I am looking for a good reason to my car down here but don't know if I will be able to do anything with it or not, I want to get those dam quaters fixed they are killing me guys you have no idea I don't even look at my pics becasue of those dam things. Well Let Me Know What Is Up.

Hi Russ Im too a when your tierd of your stang let me now you can bring it here.  If been at night school. This semester Im taking psychology and human anatomy. woo hooo.

My 429 motor is at my brothers house getting built up.

I recieved a email from Gunners mom with pics. man it brought a tear to my eye,plus seeing with the items me and Theirry sent him was priceless with that big ass grin. Im am soo happy he is beating his tumor. I can see he is a fighter.  anyway yake at you later   Dustin

Hello guys Brad here new to forum hope i can bring some new ideas to the forum so it dont get to old to fast


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