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Advice on where I can buy a Mustang in the Uk


Hi Mustang enthusiasts.

What's the best way to buy a 2013/2014 mustang gt convertible in the uk? I would really appreciate your help because I am torn between a choice of two vendors in the uk who can source and ship my dream car to the uk but they both seem to be a little unreliable. One of them I keep harassing for a quote but the salesman never ever returns my call, I always have to call him, which doesn't give me any confidence in his ability to deliver. The second dealer seems to have a 'history' according to blogs on another mustang site.

My third option seems to be to buy one in the US and then get it shipped, IVAd, MOTd etc which is something I have never done before.

I just find it surprising that it's such a risky business buying a mustang in the uk. Has anyone bought one from a mustang dealer in the uk before or can offer any advice?ŷ

I have no experience with this but did do a couple of Google searchs and found the following links that might provide some useful information:

Hope this helps a little.

Yesterday I also stumbled over a couple of articles suggesting the Mustang would be exported to the UK in the near future.  Here's one source ( and here's another (

Thanks for your replies Topless_Horse. I'd seen the mocgb forum (but I have to pay 20 to register!). The s197 site looks good but there isn't much in there about suppliers in the UK unfortunately. I'm puzzled why there's no-one in the UK who can answer my question - where did UK Mustang owners get their cars from?

I looked at the two articles about Ford's plan to market the Mustang for the UK: "slightly smaller" - which will mean making it about the same size as a Mercedes/Audi/BMW i.e., totally inadequate for more than 2 people without luggage as a tourer and probably pricier. No thanks Ford - I will still want to import the "regular sized" model that's sold in the US.

I scrounged around on the MOCGB site a little and found the email address of someone who imports stuff.  I don't know if that will help at all but it would not hurt to ask.

There's also a link to an importer's web site in the Import/Export forum.  It's

I also found these in an internet search - perhaps you can contact them and ask questons ...

Wish I could help more - sorry.


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