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Jerry Baker:
I think your doing reall good.  Keep it up and you will have the best looking mustang in FK

yeah I got my on post hoise today and I have only one parking spot so I don't know if I can even bring my car up here. I also had my computer get a virus and I lost every pic I ever took of that car which really makes me the happiest guy in the world lol. Well take care and this sucks for me.STANG OUT

Alright just to see what is up I think I will still get my baby up here and just have to hide it but when you want something bad enough you will do anything to get it. I lost all my pics which is dumb on my part for not saving them to a hard drive or thumb drive, but that is how it goes. There is alot more work to get done but as long as I stay steady rocking on her she will be done beofre you know it.

 Oh Godfather not only am I going for hte best Mustang at knox which in my opion I have already taken but in KY, but I am a long ways behind you but keep your eyes in the rear view you will see me one day, maybe, lol. STANG OUT

This is the last pic as I put her back in the stable. :-(

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