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Hello Mustang folks,

so far I was silent reader in your forum to read a lot of exciting things around the cars we love.

Now I would like to share a project I'm currently on.

More than 4 years ago I took the opportunity to live and work here in the United States. Since our first day my wife and our two little boys enjoyed the variety, nature and people of this great nation.

Right after the re-union of Germany, when I was a young teenager in East Germany, I discovered the magic of American Classic cars and the culture surrounding them: riding free, enjoying life and living the dream!  :D

As it turns out, I’ve recently been offered a chance to purchase a 1969 Ford Mustang. I now have the opportunity to carry my Dream back to Germany and share it’s magic with my family, friends and all car loving Germans! And getting the chance to get Germans to understand Americans a little better, might be not a bad thing these days… :-)

But before I will be able to do so, I have to find support to finance such a project:
•  Purchase of the car
•  Repairs to make it safe
•  Shipping it over to good old Germany

As pure fund raising is not really in my nature I'm finishing up a fund raising initiative with a lot of great goodies, road trips and vacation packages for everyone who is so amazing and gracious to support my project.

Needless to say, I am immensely grateful for whatever support you can provide, at any level.
Thank you very much for your support!

I hope that I was able to peak your interest, even if you call my crazy...  :o
Stay tuned for when I go live with my project page and at least take a look at all the great think you don't want to miss...  ;)

Thanks again and talk to you in the coming days!

Hello Everyone,

I completed the perks and went live with my campaign!
Here you can take a look:

Have fun and a very Happy Thanksgiving!!
Thank you very, very much for your support again,


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