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hey guys its me again just a question so my car is doin some weird stuff.I drive it and when i start it it drives fine, but when i stop  and whant to start the car up again it seems to not whant to start i got to hold the gas or it wont start.When its on and i want to drive it i try florring it and it really lags like its bogin out. i put a new 4 barrel eddelbrock carb and someone said it might be to big for the stock 289 and it might be flooding just wondering if any of u have had this problem

The stock carb for a 289 4 barrel engine was rated at 480 CFM. To use a carb with a larger CFM rating without changing the cam and exhaust at a minimum will cause most of the problems you have.

What's the CFM on that Edelbrock?  Like Jim said a stock 289 can only handle 480.  Most likely you have a 650 on there. There could be some other factors involved, but let's get the right carb on that stock 289 first.  An indication of a flooded engine is when you have to hold the gas pedal all the way to the floor while starting it so the engine purges out the unnecessary gas.  This happens when you stop it and try to start it again.  Sounds like your problem.

im prety sure its the 650 it does have an exhaust on it and the guy that rebuild my engine said he put a bigger cam on it. would changin the jets on the carb help or fix the problem r what else could i do the carb is new and i would hate to have to replace it it

Not sure what cam he put in it.  Yes, the jets can be toned down, but it's not your problem.  The CFM is just too much for that engine.  The Motorcraft 4100 is what came with that engine from the factory, and the one that should be on that stock 289.  If it was mine, I'd take it back to the builder and have him resolve the problem. 


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