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94 v6 to 94 v8 engine swap




I have a wrecked 94 gt mustang with low miles that i owned and i just purchased a 94 v6 mustang with a good body and a rod knock i wanted to know if can just swap out the wire harness, motor brake booster, trans, and rear end. And is there anything else anyone might know about the swap or any precautions to take. Any tips will be greatly appreciated   

yes you can swap it all over i suggest using your 8.8 rear end if possible, the trans fromt he v6 will work with the v8, i doubt you need swap the brake booster, or any of the brakes for that matter

What do you know about swapping the wire harness?

it should be a direct swap just make sure to get everything

in a perfect world it would be best to have a 2-3 car garage and park both rght next to each other and go at it

i whould change up the front suspension maby lower it because of center of graivety


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