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90 mustang sputtering and wont take gas and idles bad


car starts sometimes shuts off,sometimes idles good but then wont take fuel car just stumbles.Ive changed fuel pump,Iac valve,distributor,modules,pressure regulator,and bypass throttle body and also mass air and map whats left

Fuel filter, timing, ignition coil, spark plug wires, cap, rotor, air filter, plugged intake to air box,  . . . windshield, rear seat, tires.  Okay the last three are supposed to be a joke.  Quit changing parts and find out how to test and diagnose parts from the symptoms and with a multimeter.  a 1990 has a computer and a check engine light IIRC.  Get the codes and start there.

Failure to burn fuel is just as likely a failure to ignite fuel from an ignition failure and can be a result of air fuel mixtures being way off due to lack of air, though this would be unusual.

or it could be bad gas


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