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90 GT dash wiring-revised


I need to replace the wiring harness for my 90 GT. Dash and windshield are out. Looking for some info to help replace the harness.
From the fuse box to the glove box and every thing in-between. I'm afraid that after i pull out the old harness, that I will forget how it all hooks up. So I guess I am looking for some kind of step by step instructions with photos. Maybe something that identifies every plug.
Because the new harness i bought came to me tangled in a big box.

Not to sound like a butthead but what kind of info do you need?  Honestly, it's not that hard.  When we redo the cars or gutt them for junk I do the inside and he does the outside.  So what do you need to know?

I am having the same problem. My dash harness is/was cut and half unplugged. I have a new one on the way but, I'm not sure where or how everything is layed out. Is there a layout diagram for how these need to be installed so everything fits correctly? Please any info will help a lot! Jeff

87 mustang gt


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