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84 mustang project / parts for sale


Hey I am starting to build a 84 mustang.
I would like to know what the best camchaft would be for it. It is a stock block nothing special. I have gt40p heads and headers, crane 1.7 roller rockers, lunati pushrods just seeking a good cam. This is not a roller block and I know I cant go with a real big cam. I am after a real good lope that is noticeable. Any help???
 Also I have these for sale


Do some research on the comp Cam 281h and the E303.  It all depends on just how much lope you want. 

I dont have a roller block and dont really feel like pulling it to get the block drilled and tapped to do it I just want it to sound bad and have a nasty lope without having to change pistons


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