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79 ghia lower rear quarterpanels


hi everyone,
                  i've had a problem looking for lower rear quarter-
panel sections for my 79 coupe. all the sheetmetal manufactures
i've contacted say they only sell full quarters. my quarters are in
good shape.they just rusted out at the bottoms from driving it
one winter(BAD IDEA). if i cannot find replacements i guess
i will fabricate. i would rather have ready to go pieces to save
time. has anyone come across a supplier? i thank you for
any info.

 :-)  :-)  :-)

Hey bro I am fighting the same good old fight myself on my 73 so I can get out there and sow Race that big blocks just are a waste of gas,lol. Nah here is a site check it out it will help you find just about anything on any year. I hope you find what you are looking for. And if anyone here from Race send him to read this I hope you get a kick out of it. Thierry great job on the website you have came along way SIR.  Winter driving isn't always that bad but you do have to spray that baby off awhole lot more.STANG OUT.

You can probably get help in the Mustang II website. They also have a list of parts suppliers:
Thanks Rentascout for the compliments but you are part of the team. Thanks for the help you are giving :)


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