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Hi i need some help I bought a cream puff 73 mach mustang this is all org down to the fender markings. I am looking for production # on this specfic color and model . any help  vin # 3f05h113675 door plate  09/72 body 63r color 5m trim 6f trans x ax 2 dso 14 the car has only 15,904 miles and looks like it came off the showroom floor. thanks Lou

I can't tell you how many Mustangs were produced with this combination but with the condition you are describing it, I don't think it will matter for its value. Mustangs in this condition are very rare and its value is much more than concours restoration cars.
All I can say is that 35,440 Mustang Mach 1 were produced in 1973

Here is the informations I found for your numbers:
Year:  3  1973  
Plant:  F  Dearborn, MI  
Body Series: 05 SportsRoof, Mach 1  
Engine:  H 351 2v V8  
Unit:  113675  113675
Body:  63R  SportsRoof, Mach 1  
Color:  5M  Medium Copper Metallic  
Trim:  6F  code not found  
Date:  0972  September, 1972  
D.S.O:  14  Pittsburgh  
Axle:  2  2.75:1, Conventional  
Trans:  X  FMX Automatic

If you have any picture for your car feel free to upload them in the gallery or here in this forum. Many people would be interested to see this rarity   :-D

hey bro we have the sam car except you need to check your trim code again I think it is a ga which is mach one vyinl interior, you should double check it I would love to see it. HOw many miles does it have on there? Mine has about 77000. Hit my email up and send me some pics I will swap with you . STANG OUT

Hey Rentascout, we all would like to see some pictures of your Mustang too. Feel free to post them in the "Your Stang photos" forum or in our new Mustang photo gallery  ;-)


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