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73 Mustang Not Starting HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I purchased a 1973 Mustang Coupe. It didnt come with a starter selenoid on it. We put one on, put new battery on. It Ran a couple times. Now it doesnt. We then put in new plugs wires,distribur cap,rotor,selenoid, points kit. It has new fuel tank,fuel pump, and pick up, New fuel lines. There is gas in the carb. Seems like no spark! Just cranks with out firing. Plenty of gas gets flooded eventually.  Can anyone help! I hate to pay for a tow and service.

Look in the direction of your brake Master cylinder for a master cable that connects at the firewall.  There are two of them.  Make sure both of those master cables are connected really well.  Also check that your coil wire is seated in the coil.  Bottom line is to check the connections of all your firing mechanisms since you are obviously getting fuel but not fire.  Throw those damn points away and get a pertronix electronic system. 

Soaring is correct, get rid of the points, but a easy way to find out if you are getting spark is take off front Driverside plug wire and put a screw driver in it and put it next to the spark plug. Then, have a buddy unless you are fast, start the car and watch to see if there is spark. If so then you might have throw off your advance on your distibutor, whether or not that may that happen who knows but you have messed with it alot and that could help. You might want to make sure that you put the wires on correctly, not saying anything but it happens to the best of us. Let me know either way. STANG OUT

Double check your wires going into the distributor for fire voltage with the key on.  Also, make sure you have all the wires hooked up correctly to the alternator and to the starter solenoid.

Get yourself a schematic diagram for your Mustang. Then check the ignition switch to see if you have a completed circuit thru the coil to achieve a spark.


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