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73 mustang doors


high country:
Im starting to restore a 73 mustang convertible that i have had since i was a teen ager now im in my 40's and the car has sit in a building for around 20 years,The car is all original even the aluminum wheels,And It also is what they call a Q-code car with electric windows and air and deluxe interior,so I dont want to let it rot away.But i noticed the passenger door is rusted out bad in the front bottom corner and I found a 73 coupe thats not that bad and wondering if alot of the body parts would interchange.

Fenders will work as will doors, but door glass is not interchangeable.  Suspension and drivelines are identical for the most parts, interiors have overlap, but are not identical.  Windshields are at a different angle and do not interchange.

A nice donor coupe is probably worth considering.


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