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71-73 fastback floor pans


Ok, can any confirm a 71-73 coupe rear seat “ upper level” floor pan is the same as the mach.
I’m in the middle of a restoration. I know I can get that in a full pan repo for 430.00, but I only need the small section below the rear seat pass side and plan on cutting it out of a parts car. 

Any help would be appreciated


Hey bro, nice car I see you have taste for good cars,lol. The ford inds. Made all pans the same so you can cut it out of anything from 71-73 and any model will work let me know if you have any problems. STANG OUT

well i have never compaired them side by side. just want to be sure before driving an hr to cut out a section from a parts car.
my car below " before pic " i bought 15ys back. it was a daily driver for too long. now i have the time and some money to restore it again just the right way now.  I'll keep you guys in the loop.


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