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70 boss 429


Everyone check out the boss 429 on ebay that had eleven bids and was at $1,000,000.00

Do you have a link for this auction? I could't find it. I knew the prices were getting very high for models like this one but that's crazy.

Thierry i went to look for it later and it was gone I think it was a scam as It said you had to contact the seller to be qualify to bid.Any cars you see on there cheap but say contact the seller is a scam as they are stealing peoples identities by you putting you on a page that looks likes ebays but isn't .Also most of the people say the address is  here in the united states but are emailed by the sellers that they are in a foreign country and the vehicles are illegal over there and the want only the cost of shipping the item for that price as i have had that happen to me twice on vehicles i wanted.


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