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67 Shelby Clone Value?


I just got another '67 Convertible and I am really wanting to make it a Shelby Clone..  Although all the production Shelby's were fastbacks in '67, I want to put the Shelby front end, hood, deck-lid and end caps on my new '67 convertible and it will be red with tan interior..  We've all seen them and they look amazing (in fact, my last '67 was this but never completed, sold and regretted)...  I am speaking from an EXTERIOR appearance...  I'm not sure which one of my '67s to use, but they are both in great shape, but I'm not going to invest in the engine or suspension anymore than it already has.

HERE IS MY QUESTION:  At the end of the day, would this car be worth more as a stock restored 1967 convertible, or a Shelby '67 convertible clone (still keeping the original parts that get replaced)...  There is a great possibility that I will sell this car after its all completed and I am looking for the biggest bang for my buck and the end of the day..  thanks..

Cars are always going to be worth exactly what you can get someone to give you for it.. I've seen well done clones sell for much more then the car the started out as ever could have but if you take a 69 fast back and do a well done boss 302 clone its going to do better then what your imagining with your car.. as you say there was never a shelby convertable that year so i think thats going to hurt it. not really a clone of a car that was ever made and all. I think with your particular car you would be best off keeping it stock.

Well..  The quick story is that the Green one is in the body shop.  It's going to become a 67 Shelby Convertible Tribute car.  All the parts are ready and it's going to be an amazing car.   Here's the Facebook link to the work in progress.

Once it's done, it will be an epic race through an obstical course with a few helicopters..... And other mustangs including a 2012 Boss..


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