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Hi everyone, I just purchased my first mustang.  it has been a long dream to own one.  I have a small question.  The body needs some minor repair work and in some places major work.  Is it better to have metal welded on or replace entire panel?  Does is detract from the value of the car if you replace a part and it is not the original?What is your advice?  Also, does anybody know where I can get an original radio for my 67 mustang?  My wasn't there.  Thanks, Douglas

All depends how much rust you have on your panels. If you have holes all around the wheel wells, replacing the whole quarter would be much easier and will give you a better result. Filling holes with plastic filler will decrease the value of your car but if the job is done professionally with a good welder, you car can be sold the same price as an original one.
There is a lot of classic mustang part stores that sell reproduction radios and you can find original ones on EBAY.


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