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66 Coupe 289 Headers?

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Hello fellow Mustang owners, I have a question. Now, just to let you all know, I'm new at this so please bear with me!

I just bought my 66 about 2 weeks ago, damn near in Mint condition. No Restoration, all Original. She is an absolute Beauty. I like the feel and the rumble of her 289, and I want some more torque, and power directly to the wheels. I was talking to my enthusiast car friend and he was telling me to look into Headers, H-pipe exhaust type system. I'm starting to understand more and more about my car, but still so much to learn. Can ya'll help a fellow owner out? It would be much appreciated!


Why would you want to screw up a perfectly good classic Mustang?  These 65-66 model Mustangs were not designed for racing or big power output.  They were designed as a poor man's sports car.  That 289 with the stock manifold has plenty of power to pull that light little car down the road fast enough. 
Now, the problems you will face if you go ahead with trying to change out the manifold with a header, is that the header will hit the starter, will heat up the starter and cause starting problems.  However, putting on a dual exhaust system with either an "X" or "H" pipe will increase your air flow, giving you some gain in HP.  I have a dual exhaust system with an H pipe on my mostly stock setup and really like the sound and the feel.  I would start there, then add the headers later if not satisfied. 

Hmmm, good call on not screwing it up. See this is what I needed, another owner's input. I think I will go with the H-pipe, and leave out the Headers. Small then moving up to something big is a good call and thank you for helping me realize that! If I were to get an H-pipe set up, should i get it pre-fabricated or go to a muffler exhaust shop and pay a lot of money to get it done there, when I could easily put on the pre-fab myself? Well please let me know and thank you for your input! It really does mean a lot!

Welcome to the forum Teven.
 I have nothing against modified classics if it's done with taste or if it's to improve performances but unrestored and original Mustangs in this condition are getting very hard to find and if I was the owner, I would leave it as it is or sell it to buy a Mustang to restore and modify.
 For the H pipes you can buy them at any Mustang parts store. You can search on Google for "h pipes classic mustang" to find them. Any garage will be able to install them for a reasonable price if you can't do it yourself.

A Mufler shop will install 'their' pipes and muflers by welding them to your frame. It will be messy. A reasonable stock replacement exhaust system can be obtained from most Mustang mail order stores for under $300. It can be installed in your garage in a day. There are a couple of problem areas you should be aware of: the flexible brake hose to the rear axle may have an interferrence fit with the left hand pipe; you need to drill four 3/8 inch holes in the body behind the rear seat to install the mufler hanger brackets; the rear exaust pipe hanger holes do not exist on your car and cannot be added but you can use the shipping tie down plate holes as a substitute; a special rear left hand shackle is needed to facillate spring removal.


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