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65 spinners for OE wheel covers

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Can the repro spinners work on the OE hubcaps on my 65 Mustang? Or do I have to buy new hub caps? I would like to get some for my standard wheel covers. Also, the best place to get them. Thanks

RIP Glen

Joe AZ 2 PA:
Most classic Mustang parts catalogs list them. They should work fine. . . .  8)

I have seen them on many classic Mustang parts shops for around $45.00 or so but did not know if they would fit of the hubcaps that came on these cars without the spinners. Thanks

Joe AZ 2 PA:
Best way is to call the tool free number before placing the order and ask if the fit without having to modify the original wheel covers. . . . .  8)

Yes, I will do that. By the way. The blue bulbs look great. I also replaced the blue lenses that the LED bulbs shine through. If you do not use clear or light colored bulbs you have to remove these.


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