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65 mustang master cylinder


Hi . I have a 65 Mustang dual master cylinder, drum brakes.  My top cover doesn't  have the wire band to hold the top securely.  Mine is flat top with a screw holding the top on. I'm sure its not from a Mustang, because  I looked at all and nothing. Anyone have an idea what it might be from?

Hard to say without a photo.  Can you post a couple of photos of what you have?

Some styles on fiftys ford I know used a style similar to what your stating but again hard to tell without pictures. If I was you maybe your planning this which I would because not safe with out but. I would change your master-cylinder to a 1967 mustang manual master cylinder with drum drum option. Unless you want to upgrade to disc drum or disc disc in that case get a disc drum master. Same goes for if you want power set up. I would go to a power assist 67 master disc drum option or a power drum drum option if sticking with drums. Also a great booster choice would be a fox body 2.3l or 5.0 booster. Although you'd need to revise the brake Pedel pin because power cars use a different amount of force compared to non power. You would also want to reinforce the firewall and the Pedel support

  OK and thanks  for the info  Here is a pic of the mastercylinder  Never seen anything  like it . It does have drum brakes


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