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Hi i need a little help, i just recently bought a 65 Mustang v8 289 from Florida it had its original carburator and engine innstalled, but when i got it to Norway we couldn't make it start so we innstalled a Edelbrock carburator on it and it started going, the problem is now that the car only runs smooth when its staying still or when the pedal hits the metall. Its not running good when you have a little gas on it, it starts shacking and thats what it does almost all the time when i trie to drive it on the road. Can this be tha the original Holley carburator that was on is the best option for my car and that the Edelbrock carburator just is to big so it gets to much gasoline?

Welcome to the forum from Northern California.
I assume that the engine has a 4 barrel carburator installed and in most cases the Autolite carburetor is vastly superior to any other, the exception being an all out race car. You curent problem may be cause by a vacuum leak. The way you can check is to use a spray bottle with water (DO NOT USE GASOLINE or any other flamable liquid) and spray around the base of the carburetor and intake manifold. If the engine dies, a vacuum leak would be the culprit and the spot should be identified. This does not eliminate the carburetor as not working right, but it's a start.

You are right but i have checked the wacuum and its not leaking at all, the carburator i was trying to use was an Edelbrock 650. I was working on  the car a little bit today to and re innstalled the original Holley and it started but then the problems started to appear. it suddenly didnt go on all the spark pluggs, only 6 of 8 of them, and after about 5 minutes on the road my Automatic stopped working, i checked the fluid level and its a little above Full. Now it wont Shift gears or what so ever. Anyway after i reinstalled the old holley and made it go on all the plugs the car suddenly ran wery smooth, but the carburator is old and it doesent pump fuel for itself so i seems that i need a new one.

Get yourself a Motorcraft 4100 carburetor and change out the plugs and wires.  650 CFM is way too much carburetor for a stock 289.  The 4100 is what the 289 came with from the factory, and is 480 CFM.  Set the timing, and put the Pertronix ignition in the distributor if you still have points.  Sounds like it just needs a general tune-up, and should run just fine with the correct carburetor.  Also, change out the fuel filter, and possibly drain the gas and add fresh gas if that gas has been in there for awhile. 

I have also got a 65 Mustang v8 289…… interior and black leather……I change the fuel filter very often for better performance……I hope it works for you also……


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