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65 convertible or 65 fastback

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What would you consider to be more valuable.  65 convertible with basic options, 6 cylinder engine, in great condition, power steering, power top and center console.  or 65 fastback with similar options same engine???


The fastback would be the best choiece, but the 6 banger is a drawback.  I would keep looking if it was me. 

i just wanted to know what you think would be more valuable.  thanks for your imput.


Joe AZ 2 PA:
May depend on what area of the country your in. I love verts but in Southwestern PA the dry sunny days are limited to say the least. I have a 66 fastback and it goes out all year if there isn't any snow, ice, or salt on the roads. . . . .  8)

A value decision also includes what your goal is. In both cases, because of the 6 cylinder engine, a concours restoration would not be practical due to the parts costs vs low return. Consider the condition of the body as well, the lesser of two evils is the car with the least rust and body damage. That being said, your next option would be to upgrade the drive train and undercarriage to accomodate a V8 engine. If you are looking to race, the Fastback would be a better choice than the convertible. For cruising, either would be good. There is an additional expense for convertible tops that need to be tossed into the mix. The formula is: top value minus initial cost, minus repair costs, minus fix-up (aka customizing) costs, minus the time to do the stuff.


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